Helpful Info About Your Warranty Claim


Georgetown Outdoor Power wants your warranty service experience to be as successful and hassle-free as possible. The following tips will help you save time and frustration when your equipment needs warranty service.

  1. Please be sure to have your original purchase receipt or credit card receipt with you when you bring your unit in. Sometimes even the manufacturer's customer service representative can forget to tell you that this is a VERY important first step in taking in your equipment for warranty service.
  2. Warranty service is part of our overall scheduled service. Your manufacturer warranty typically provides for your service to be completed within 90 days. Georgetown Outdoor Power is committed to getting your warranty service completed much sooner than that! Even so, it is important to understand that your warranty work is part of our overall scheduled service work. Our technicians complete each job as quickly as possible, without sacrificing precision and attention to every detail. Please be assured that every service ticket is completed in the order in which it came in. Your service work will not be delayed, but neither can it be moved ahead of other customers' scheduled work.
  3. Setting a pick-up date for your unit requires manufacturer approval. Georgetown does everything we can to schedule your unit's pick-up as soon as possible. However, it is important for you to know that before we can come get your unit there are steps we must take to secure approval from your warranty claim processor and your manufacturer. This should not inconvenience you, but it might mean a few days delay between your initial call and the day we can pick up your unit.
  4. Your warranty claim covers ONLY the repair of manufacturer defects. It DOES NOT cover damages to your equipment caused by fuel-related problems. Customers can become very frustrated to learn that their machine died an early death due to the deterioration of fuel lines, gaskets, or other parts from the ethanol in today's fuels. When you have a minute, talk to one of the friendly folks at Georgetown Outdoor Power about how to protect your equipment from this damage!